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refugee child Hope Box- You pack, we deliver.

Our Refugee Hope Box allows you to pack a box with supplies for a refugee child or family and send to our warehouse, where volunteers will transfer the contents to a backpack and hand deliver to a refugee child or family.  We encourage families, schools and community groups to use the ORC Hope Box activity as a way to build awareness about the plight of refugee children and start dialogue about refugee children.   Join our Hope Box Messengers Facebook group to connect with other volunteers for ideas and share your #refugeehopebox photo. Fill out the custom packing slip to mark whether the box is for a refugee mother/baby, a refugee girl, or a refugee boy as well as the target age of the recipient.   Shipping is at your expense. 

WE DO NOT ACCEPT USED CLOTHING DONATIONS. Please save everyone's time and energy by donating clothes to another organization that accepts these supplies.  Please do not include the following items: damaged items, food, candy, protein bars, used socks/underwear/personal hygiene or toiletries, medicine, essential oils, alcohol, breakable or glass items, war related or violent toys (guns or knives), expired or perishable food.

Download the ORC pamphlet for your Hope Box Drive HERE. 

Download the ORC packing slip & address HERE. 

Download the ORC Hope Box checklist HERE

The box should be packed so that contents will fit in a backpack. We recommend that you fit most of the items in the shoe box or a ziplock bag to make it cost effective. The most affordable options to ship to our SEATTLE, WA warehouse are:

  • USPS flat rate boxes
  • Please direct any questions to: