Our volunteers work as a team to provide refugee families with essential items that they will need.  All of our backpacks are tailored to local needs; we work with local groups to develop location specific lists of needs for refugee children and families.  

Operation Refugee Child backpacks are designed to bring comfort, health, safety and warmth to refugee children and families and contain items such as:

  • Comfort- Baby rattle, crayons and drawing pad, matchbox cars, sticker activity book, yo-yo, doll, frisbee, jump rope, bouncy ball, candy, reusable bag to store wet clothes
  • Health- First-aid kit, hand-sanitizer, diaper rash cream, diaper and antibacterial wipes, baby bottle, sanitary napkins, deodorant, lotion, soap & shampoo, hair brush/comb, toothbrush/toothpaste, lip-balm,baby food, protein bars, sunblock
  • Education- School supplies (notebooks, rulers, pencil pouch, pen and pencils, tape, notecards, erasers, binders, sharpeners, highlighters, folders) crayons, activity books and puzzles
  • Warmth- Adult/child poncho, cotton underwear, baby socks, warm baby blankets, women's headscarf, baby onesies, adult/child thermal underwear, hat and mittens
    • Over half of all refugee children are NOT getting an education; many of them have never seen the inside of a school. The Syrian War has disrupted every aspect of their childhood. They are the innocent victims of war.

      Since #OperationRefugeeChild was founded, our focus has always been on the backpacks. We provide basic necessities so refugee children can live without fear. We give them beanies to keep them warm. We distribute toys so they remember how to smile. We spend a lot of time deciding what goes into them because it’s not just a backpack. It’s everything they have.

      BUY A BACKPACK to bring hope, joy and comfort to refugee children because they too, deserve a childhood.

We currently distribute three types of backpacks to refugee children in the Middle East and Europe.