We bring comfort, safety, health and warmth to refugee children & families.


Operation Refugee Child aids those who have left everything behind, providing refugee families and children with backpacks and essential supplies to ease their journey to asylum.

As parents, we all want what's best for our children and we work hard to keep our children warm, healthy and safe, which is why Operation Refugee Child is dedicated to helping refugee families and children who need us the most. You wouldn’t put your family in a tiny boat to cross the sea unless you knew it was safer than land.  The Syrian refugee crisis really hit home for us, as many of us have children the same age as little Aylan Kurdi, whose body washed ashore after attempting to reach Europe with his family.

Over one million refugees arrived in Europe in 2015 and thousands more arrive each day. Half of the refugees are families and 30% are children. Refugee families urgently need supplies to eat, stay warm and clean as they continue on their journey on foot across Europe to asylum.  However, there is little to no support on the ground for refugees from local governments or large aid organizations. Local governments are underfunded and overwhelmed while large aid organizations have had minimal presence. Refugees have lost everything they own and are sleeping in parks and overcrowded camps without shelter, water, food, bathrooms, medicine or dry clothes. Grassroots organizations like Operation Refugee Child are filling the void by providing needed support to refugee families.



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